TERONG BALADO: Super simple Indonesian cooked eggplant recipe…

TERONG BALADO || This recipe is super simple. Basically, it consisted of cooked eggplant (Indonesianhome cooks usually fry it) and chili sambal. The chili sambal made from chili pepper, bird eye chili pepper to bring the spiciness to next level, shallot, terasi or shrimp paste, sugar and salt. Simple, right?
3 big purple eggplant
3 pcs red chili pepper
5 pcs red bird eye chili pepper or cayenne pepper
3 pcs shallot
2 tsp terasi (shrimp paste)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
Cooking oil for fying
1. Cut the eggplant as you like, fry until cooked, strain excess oil

2. To make the sambal, using mortar and pestle or blender, blend together chili pepper, bird eye chili, shallot, terasi, salt and sugar (add a little bit of water if using blender)
3. In a pan, cook the sambal for a moment (or until the water reduced)

4. Mix the fried eggplant with sambal, and it’s ready!

It has never been more simple to learn about essential oils…

It has never been more simple to learn about essential oils! I love the teachings of Dr. Hill, my guru and teacher. Today I want to send you his message:

🌿 “Many spices are popular for their distinct aroma and used in the culinary world. Did you know that they also have a variety of similarities and differences? Learn more about a few of their benefits in the table.

Note: Statements with asterisks refer to internal use. All others refer to aromatic or topical use. ‼️D: dilute before using topically”. 🌿Enjoy your oils!