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Monday - I’m sure some mums can relate to my day today, so a time to vent and share! My day started off with rain, rain, rain. Followed by my car nearly being towed away due to roadworks, First Monday misery crossed off the list! Followed by quick hug, kisses and smiles from my children before they run off to school, how I watched them go in and think of the precious moments, felt good for be present for a moment. Followed by a full on day at work in the office. Then back to pick up at the school at 5:15pm with tired and not so happy kids and literally bursting through the front door asking if dinner had been made.. umm I replied, I’ve been at work.. still looking at me point blank.. they are asking me what’s for dinner and how long do they need to wait?! and about to eat my right arm off... those precious cute faces were hangry 😳 with no time to waste, I made a chicken and veg stir fry with boiled eggs, spices and coriander. Quick and easy to make, and a great way of using up some veg at the beginning of the week. If you soak the rice for 5 minutes in boiling water this will shorten the cooking time of rice to around 15 minutes.! Spice up the chicken with fresh garlic, and ginger, with some soy sauce, Chuck in the rice once cooked and add the sliced boiled eggs with coriander. All my recipes are shared with love, a bit of humour and hopefully inspiration for the week ahead to keep those hangry kids at bay 😂! #kids #monday #food #eat #healthy #family #midweek #quick #easy #amsterdam #foodie #london #mums #happy #moment #present #foodie #foodphotography #chicken #stirfry #rice #spices #indian #british @british_indian_kitchen_